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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 24, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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mikaelian this is bay area news at 7:00. a scare at sfo forced an evacuation and causing hundreds of people to miss their flight t. is the top story at 7:00. tell us about the woman and the object that triggered the alert. >> it was 11:17 this morning. a tsa worker saw a device on the machine and the police were called? >> for caution and safety we literally evacuated the entire terminal. >> leaving passengers stranded. adding the police and the bomb squad checking the area making it secissure. twoure hoes later the airport was back in operation. it was an elderly woman in a wheelchair that cause today. >> was in the package was oxygen cylinders and a generator for a passenger travelogue oxygen. >> she could not answer the screener's questions about what was in the bag because she said she was not the one that packed it. that triggered a red flag. >> reporter: a ripple from the red flag was felt by everyone
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at the terminal. >> i am happy they took care of that. i just hope we get to go home though, today. we have been waiting and trying to follow everybody's directions. >> reporter: other travelers were stuck with no place to go. some say they blame delta. >> the airport dropped the ball. they told all of the passengers that none of the planes were taking off. >> reporter: in fact, that night that man and his wife booked on did leave without them but they were rebooked on a later flight. i spoke with delta about this issue. they say they do not comment about security breeches but do their best to take care of customers. ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on today's security scare. this is just the second time in nearly 10 years the security incident shutdown san francisco airport. in february 2003 surveillance video captured a woman going through a closed security checkpoint in order to make her flight.
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she was detained upon arriving in baltimore. well, tonight, we are getting the first look at the injuries suffered by the wife of san francisco sheriff as the trial begins. prosecutors say these pictures were taken following the new year's eve incident. you can see what appears to be a bruce on her arm and tears on her face. the pictures were presented to the judge as the trial on misdemeanor domestic abuse got underway today. trying to get the video dismissed as hear say. >> if the videotape gets tossed out they if she did not testify. he mit me, grabbed my arm. he committed a crime on me. >> on monday the trial judge is expected to hear motions to see if the jury will see those images. tonight we are getting a look at law enforcement interviews with convicted killer. human remains are linked to
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hersog and his accomplish. in the tape he tells investigators how westly sherman killed 25- year-old cindy vanderhyde in 1998. they found her remains earlier this month after he revealed the location. he killed himself in january. more tonight on the 10:00 news, exclusive recordings including why he said that he did not turn shermantine into the police. a terrible crash in sanoma county today. it it happened at 1:30 this afternoon on the highway outside of oxadental. a car went off of the road and into a gazebo where seven people were waiting to take a zip line ride. a woman died instantly. two other people were hurt. the car then crashed into a
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creek. a 74-year-old san francisco woman was behind the wheel. she and a passenger suffered moderate injuries. the chp is investigating if the driver suffered a medical emergency. tonight, we have continuing coverage of the stub urn winter brush hour. it burned 200 acres. firecrews are on the scene right now and the fire is 50% contained. burning in rough terrain away from homes. cal fire says a landscaper was burning a debris pile yesterday when strong winds blue the embers down the hillside. >> knowing a thing or two about fire i would say yesterday was not the best day to have a burn day. >> the officials told ktvu there was no required notification for a burn here. cal fire says the dry weather has the agency looking at an early start to fire season and
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the field near sacramento maintenance crews have been working all winter to get ready for the fire season. fire season begins the first week of may in southern california and the first week of june here in the north. but a spokesman tells us cal fire is looking to move aircraft into the southern part of the state in the next couple of weeks. new at 7:00. concerns about a south bay property once occupied by the bankrupt company. some believe the site may contain toxic material t. is on california circle. that is where alex savage is standing by live tonight after taking a tour for himself, alex? >> well, we are on the backside of this large facility. here in the parking lot behind you you can see a pile of glass tubes, some of them broken. if you hook off to this way beyond the fenced in area there are chemical containers left behind as the company cleared out of this building. >> reporter: this building on california circle was one of
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several manufacturing facilities. before going bankrupt the solarcompany leased this building. now the property owner is crying foul. in recent court filings they claim they left behind barrels of unknown chemicals and led contaminated equipment. inside of this storage area we saw a number of containers that clearly belonged to the company. the property owner believes there could be health and safety issues now at the site. they are asking the court to make sure they pay for the cleanup here. they have not set money aside. they are paying hundreds of dollars to clean up the property that it owns. the company's main facility up in fremont. >> from i-star, the property owners, this person i spoke with over the phone, could not comment on the condition of what was found inside after they turned over the keys back in september after filing
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bankruptcy. i also reached out to the company and was night able to get a comment from the company. gunfire broke out today narrowly missing a 1-year-old girl. >> pop, pop, pop, pop. >> camera says she w-fs her baby inside of her home on holly street near 98th avenue. she picked up and moved her daughter from in front of the screen door right before the shooting. moments later that screen door, as you can see here, riddled with bullets. last night at the sun valley mall in concord, the san francisco chronicle is reporting it was all young women aged 20 to 21. about 6:00 last night mall security said they tried to detain a woman for shoplifting at jc penney. she pulled out a gun and they took off by foot and officers
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caught up with them quickly. facing several charges with assault with a deadly weapon. i woman was struck and killed trying to cross the freeway on foot t. happened just went of santa rita road. it blocked lanes at the time t. is not clear why the woman was trying to cross the freeway. the driver who hit her is cooperating with investigators. the coroner's office is not yet releasing the women's name. a private forprofit college faces a class action lawsuit filed by the students when the school was shutdown. a ktvu news crews was there when the state forced the closure of institute of medical education. the school was not properly accredited. they train them as medical assist is ants. it seeks damaging including repayment to the twice and the loans. it was back in the future today, an all railroad right
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away is come being back to life. the first phase of the smart train. the voter-approved project is said to be up and running in three to four years. the train is meant to serve 14 stations. if the second face is funded the train could condition to clover dale and large to the ferry terminal. san francisco residents take note. at this hour, light railcars on the end of the juno lines will be stopping running and out of commission all weekend. they are replacing the trains. they are conducting a rail remacement. it is scheduled -- replacement. it is scheduled each weekend. it will conclude in time for the monday morning commute. now, the south bay, a leader of the firefighter had tough words for the mayor. he claims they are trumping up
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pension costs to get concessions from workers during contract negotiations. >> somebody is lying here. we heard the mayor use this number in multiple places and we know it is a lie. we want the truth. we want fairness, we want lawfulness and we want a resolution to this problem. >> the mayor says the figures he uses are estimates and project what may happen in the future. ahead tonight, a stolen boat ends up on the rocks. the murky situation that may leave the authorities unable to bring charges. california's republican gather in the bay area for their state convention. our warm weather is coming to an end. coming up, the coolest day of the weekend and when showers have been add to your five-day forecast ao
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. a san jose mall wants more people to live where they shop. they are expanding the residential, office and retail space. the first part of the plan involving the construction of 212 rental homes of the developers want an office complex at the corner of winchester boulevard and olson drive. the mall says h&m signed a deal for retail space at the old borders book store site. an unemployed california truck driver won the small claims case against at&, it is as they slowed down his smart phone data service. a judge said it was unfair for at&t to sell the man an unlimited data plan and purposely slow down his iphone. the amount of the award is $850 but there could be as many as 17 million at&t customers and
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billions in settlements. on wall street today, the stocks ended right where they started. aside for encouraging numbers and a positive report on new home sales. the dow fell 1 point and the nasdaq gaped 6. the police are trying to unsrafel a strange case involving a stolen boat. a woman is in custody but as john sue susocki explains, the boat. >> reporter: it was delicate work. it it all started last night at this dock at jack lennon square at 9:30. >> late at night. no one goes out on the bay that late. >> reporter: this man was near when the boat left the dock. >> they were obeying the speed limit out here, slowed down a bit and puttered out that way. >> reporter: around 1:45 a.m. it crashed on the rocks. 37-year-old thompson from
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oakland was arrested for stolen property. she was drunk at the time. the boat was for sale for $100,000. the agent says this incident surprises him because the keys were hidden and the boat is not easy to maneuver. >> somebody had a certain amount of skill in order to take the boat out from jack lennon square. >> reporter: the police tell me as yet they don't have enough evidence to charge thompson with driving under the influence or grand theft and operating and she says someone else was driving it. a marin county actor. ashton kutcher road along with officers in the north bay. a police spokesman says he is one of the founders of an antichild exploretation group and allowed to watch the task force conduct yesterday's raid. governor jerry brown is in washington, d.c. and pushed for
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federal help to get to budget. today he joined a group of democratic governors for a closed-door session with the president. the governor is asking him to grant him waiveres to cut medical and the no left behind education program. he plans to meet with the officials at the state department. also, washington briefly chosed the capitol this morning after suspicious white powder was found. the police tested it and determined that the powder was crushed candy from a candy necklace. it reopened at 11:00 a.m. this comes as several members of congress received threatening letters with white powder. in those cases the powder was found to be harmless. now, campaign for president. today, mitt romney called if for a plane to rage the elegibility age for medicare. he is as it is needed because people are living longer. >> in the coming campaign i am offering more than a change of
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policy. i am offering a dramatic change in perspective from washington and for the nation. >> romney spoke in detroit ahead of the primary. federal admission standards benefit foreign automakers. romney grew up in michigan where his fath i was president of american motors and then governor. the state convention in burling game this evening and there is debate about the direction of the party. as rob roth reports cal cal is the biggest prize and could still play a role in deciding the presidential candidate. even though the primary here is not held until june. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people are expected here over the 3-day convention, the booth selling campaign buttonsor the names of candidates on the walls. there is obvious this is is a lot at stake. the primary in june could determine the nominee for president. >> you are going to see an
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explosion of excitement. unprecedented amount of fund- raising. newt gingrich is the scheduled keynote spoker tomorrow and herman cain may not be coming. they are launching a campaign. >> we need to win the latino votes. the party sponsoring the town hall meeting amounted at enticing latino and asian americans to be republicans. >> i don't see people as groups more as individuals. >> we are working on a mobile application that will contain files. some are concerned that the republican party is moving too far right on social issues turning off moderates. >> if you are a conservative christian, fine, that is your belief. not everybody is. you will not convince everybody to come to you. >> california republicans must e let for senator in june to run against feinstein.
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but the candidates are not household names, yet. >> not a household name yet. >> in burling game, channel 2 news. a new study finds people are careful about their privacy on social networking sites. they found an uptake in people using privacy sets such as facebook. people are trimming their friend's list. it comes after a day of stronger privacy protection. a musician is a big hit with bay area students. [music] >> the gift of music provided today with a little love. and how cool will the weather get this weekend? mark is ahead with his complete bay area forecast. keep in mind you can watch all of the ktv newscast on your computer. we are stringing live at
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inches of snow. and traveler coming in and out of the bay area airport. other than that, here at home, nothing but great weather. >> the third day in the row. 70 degree heat out there. more for an onshore breeze and translating to cooler temperatures and right now on the maps i can show you this. partly cloudy skies, patchy fog, regrouping near parts of the shoreline. we have more of a onshore wind. winds on the northwest gusting to 34. the sun is going down by the golden gate bridge with a few high clouds pushing back into the region. so for tonight, partly cloudy skies. and now 76 degrees. tonight, we do have this.
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fair skies, a bit of a breeze out here. the weekend, cooling, sunday, clouds, next week, shower chances are tracked. you will see the chance in the five day outlook. forecast for tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, patchy fog, a cool association will be in the upper 30s out towards napa and santa rosa, san francisco, 46, san jose in the middle 40s around 45. so, here you can pick out on the satellite here this is a big change. we head into the weekend. a couple systems developing. this will reenforce the cooling for saturday. then, by sunday, bringing in extra clouds. sunday, the coolest day of the weekend. in fact, a slight chance of a few sprinkles in the air. but not showing up too much here with the forecast models. tomorrow, partly to most he sunny skies. a few extra clouds for your sunday. you can see it here. then, monday, a little bit of activity up to the north and to the east here. it bears watching and then by
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tuesday night and into wednesday we could be tracking a few showers once again. all on the light side. no major storms showing up just yet on the long-range forecast. no more 70s, the warmest locations will be in the middle 60s around santa rose a san jose, 65, santa cruz, 65 degrees. now, more cloud cover on sunday. now, shower chance by tuesday, middle tuesday into wednesday. >> thank you, mark. a san francisco school is rocking out after a doughination from a philadelphia musician this -- donation by a philadelphia musician this afternoon. hip hop artist g-love donated instruments including five guitars, two base guitars and two keyboards. this afternoon he played and sang along with the children in an afterschool music program called "little kids rock."
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organizers say it helps when the schools are cutting back on the arts. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time the news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and the ktv news exclusive for you tonight. chilling exerpt from one of two killers. remember we are always here. tmz is up next right here on tv36. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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